Dear Parents,

keystoneThank you for your interest in Baby Genius Day Care Center! Our center was established in 2003 as a place for children to learn and thrive. From the very beginning, our main goal was to create a culturally diverse child care environment where our students would be exposed to different languages and would learn to appreciate individual differences in themselves and others.

IMG_5863For many years, we’ve been working hard on establishing and maintaining an exceptional reputation. An essential part of our success belongs to the families from our community whose constant support and trust have largely contributed to what we have achieved. We foster relationships with family members, encourage open communication, and appreciate suggestions for improvement. Many families stay with us for years. We value these connections and strive to exceed the expectations laid upon us.

IMG_5704We are also proud of our teachers and staff whose devotion and hard work benefit children in so many ways. Our core employees have been staying with us for a while and have raised a whole generation of children. They give our boys and girls their love and affection and guide them wisely using a unique approach for every child.

We are also pleased to announce that Baby Genius Day Care Center has been awarded its 4th Keystone Stars, the highest quality rating that can be given to an early -childhood  program. This honor is in recognition of the Baby Genius Day Care having continuous quality improvement and meeting higher quality standards.

We hope you’ll find our multicultural environment suitable for your child’s needs and let us care for your son or daughter in your absence. We offer high quality child care services and guarantee that your children will have happy memories about their childhood years!

333f2e8e-82d9-4dc0-bb48-1ec22d2b3dd5_displayIf you have any questions or need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also appreciate any feedback you can give us. Thank you again for your interest.



Alla Shulha,

The Director

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