What Is Love? Let Preschoolers Answer!

Our big wish for St. Valentine’s Day was to make you smile and actually feel the love in the air, so we have prepared this video-conversation with your children about love… Enjoy watching and share your thoughts and feelings in the comments!

At such a young age, children just begin to discover what love is and what are the signs of this feeling. Preschoolers may have multiple definitions of love and interpret actions and words of others through their unique perspectives. Children learn ways to express love first of all from their primary caregivers. Parents are the role models, and children often imitate their ways of loving and caring not only during childhood years, but also when they become adults and start their own families. That is why early experiences matter, and one of the most important tasks for caregivers is to show an example of how to treat people we love in respectful way and how to share feelings with others without hurting them.

Share your thoughts!

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