Music Classes in Pre-Kindergarten

Music is a very important part of the pre-K curriculum because it is one of the most engaging and successful ways to give children memorable and meaningful learning experiences. “Baby Genius Day Care Center” offers weekly music classes at no additional cost! Watch other videos from our music classes – younger toddlers, older toddlers, and […]

The Sibling Love

Brothers and sisters share a very special connection… They are joined heart to heart! We are lucky to have siblings in our daycare center! Every day we get a chance to see how they care about each other and support their beloved brothers and sisters. The sibling love is pure and sincere, the true gift […]

Music Classes With Preschoolers

Music is beneficial for children’s development. Singing, dancing and listening to the songs help little ones to reduce stress, build self-confidence and strengthen social skills. At our preschool, we recognize the importance of music curriculum and offer weekly music classes at no additional cost! Watch more videos from our music lessons here and here.

Music Lessons With Older Toddlers

Our weekly music classes provide many opportunities for children to sing, move, listen to the music, and play instruments. Such activities benefit child’s development. Through sound effects, imaginative play and storytelling are encouraged. Music help young children develop a sense of teamwork and social skills. Playing age-appropriate musical instruments contributes heavily to development of a […]

Preschoolers Playing in the Classroom

Play is the most effective and powerful way for young children to learn about themselves, others and the world. Free play has the biggest influence on child’s development because it gives children an opportunity to experiment with toys and create their own games. Through play, children learn the concepts, skills, and tasks needed to set […]